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Newsletters produced by the National Retail Federation

The non-profit National Retail Federation is in the business of helping business. As such, the organization regularly puts out a variety of newsletters and other media in their efforts to disseminate information and promote sound business practices for retail establishments and entrepreneurial hopefuls. These publications include:

Global Insights (Bi-weekly) - Innovations and trends among consumer brands. Content partly produced by GDR Creative Intelligence.

SmartBrief (Daily) - All the news, big and small, retail professionals need to know to stay current with the industry.

Global SmartBrief (Daily) - Retail is worldwide, so this newsletter provides information and stories pertinent to the global marketplace.

Retail Gets Real (Weekly) - In-depth interviews featuring newsmakers and trendsetters in the retail industry.

Student Association (Monthly) - Research done by, advice given to and initiatives for students interested in careers in the retail sector.

Research Alert (As needed) - A resource for up-to-the-moment economic data and consumer sentiments to gain insights into retail’s present and future.

STORES (Weekly) - Companion to, this newsletter provides content salient to every professional at every level of the retail industry.

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